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December 13, 2016
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Russian Federation
Good time!
If you value your health, the health of relatives and friends, visit my website http://mlb.ovo.bg/igolenat
A new alternative to the use of dangerous chemical cleaning agents - magnetic beads washing - MLB (magnetic laundry ball) (set of two balls).
When using the MLB, you get your laundry cleaner, healthier, and help save the environment. You buy MLB only once, and will use their entire life. You will save money for detergents, electricity and water, protect your equipment from scale. The warranty period for at least 50 years.
I offer two variants of cooperation:
1. You buy the balls and use them only for yourself, friends and loved ones.
2. You get the balls for yourself, perform 4 marketing conditions and get the same website like mine, become a distributor
In any case, you win. HEALTH above all.
"Health - not everything, but without health ALL - nothing" Socrates
More information can be found on my website http://mlb.ovo.bg/igolenat
If you have any questions, please contact:
Regards, IgorDinerstein
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