Mandy Moore's tranquil blue sequins were so much more than beautiful clothes from yesterday's actor union award. It turns out that Ralph Lauren's collection seems to represent a complete version of the circle, which is a professional revival of American stars (maybe like Winona's return to hairs).

Moore stylist Erica plus size maxi dress Cloud explained all of the people, noticed that the fashion house rebuilt the same Ralph Lauren dress Moore wore 2004, when she was only 20 years old, she rescued LA prime plus size maxi dress minister. Moore even tried to wear the original clothes, just to wear fit clothes.

"I think it's a symbol of her rebirth," Claude said about the whole design process. It was a cool look, and we thought, "why don't you reexamine it now?" This is a beautiful and elegant silhouette. For her, I think it shows that she is still herself, just an updated version. "

Perhaps the biggest update is Moore's 2017 beautiful appearance. She turned to the very fashionable La sisters and beauty guru Ashley Streicher and Jenn Streicher for her hair and make-up yesterday.

Mandy's naked pout to a layer of Laura Mercier Lip Pencil in Chestnut, Laura Mercier Velvet Matte lipstick in the extreme atmosphere. Her raucous brass washes involve the color of Masya's caviar, the color of her eyes, the crease of her eyelids on copper, the color of the eyes of Rolla Masya caviar and the color of peacock as a popular blue in the corner of the eye. Her nails, she wears miss Essie's nail polish.

For those with elastic curls, Ashley uses Moore's long sleeve rompers blowy hair 1.25 inch nylon roll and Garnier Fructis style to completely control the spray of anti - humidity aerosol. 20 minutes later, Ashley took out a brush roller, long sleeve rompers bristle brush hair with hair spray again. She brushed the back side in Muerer, then finished with a Garnier Fructis type texture look funny dry touch finishing spray.

Such a classic Hollywood! She can - and should - look at it again every ten years.