The teacher talks us through paradise…
Wherever they exist, abandon illusions.
What has made us must remain.
Scholars, warriors, merchants, labor;
Untouchables distant without care.
Randomly united clumps of something,
Children lost to a virgin’s nave.
Morally anonymous bankrupt mechanisms.
What we have been made, we remain.
Wars against boredom; Intellectual masturbation;
Troops amass underbelly, winds blowing furor,
Storm subhuman to the final solution.
Optimistic human nature once and for all taboo.
Dogs that don't bark, do as you would be done by.
Challenge shapes no religion’s enduring union.
Vicarious pleasures empathize.
Know that you are the one true God.
Intuitions bobbled era cannot see the way,
Ends swirling longest round maelstrom’s cleave
Surround a scorpion’s rebirth. Permanent aging voyage.
Partially burned corpses, locals searching treasures
Plunder pockets of rejected dead, genomes.
Reform from the bottom means revolution, permeates.
Alight, alive, no apse, no shrine, no illusions, no time.
Already it is written. Calmly stick to your guns.